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Our Team


Christopher Schuster

Founder / Aerial Director of Photography / Chief Pilot

43 years piloting R/C aircraft, a Private Pilot rating, 107 sUAS licensed, an L600 Director of Photography, and a 12-year commercial sUAS industry veteran, Chris leads Vortex Aerial as one of the most industry mature operators of any company in the entire USA. A proactive and intuitive problem solver both on set and off with countless hours of stick time and hundreds of Film, Television, and Commercial Productions.

Tony Carmean

CEO / Executive Producer

As a founding partner and producer at Aerial MOB, Tony was instrumental in working with the FAA to gain the first-ever Section 333 Exemption to use drones on closed set film production. He was also key to establishing strategic partnerships with entertainment companies including Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment.

Steve Blizzard

Operations Manager / Executive Producer

As lead aerial cinematographer at Aerial Mob, Steve oversees all cinema crews and operations. His piloting skills include robotic multi-rotor, fixed-wing, and single-rotor experience that spans more than 25+ years. He is one of the foremost authorities in the remote-control aircraft industry.


Lucas Mcgowan

Lead Pilot

An industry recruit and former contract pilot, Lucas has flown for the biggest names in the business and now makes his home with Vortex Aerial. With 8 years of RC aircraft flying experience both offset and on, minor training tweaks have put Lucas in the running as one of the top-billed drone pilots, the nation over.

Owen Patry

Primary Camera Operator

12 years of 1st AC experience and intently familiar with all airborne camera and lensing systems, Owen’ 2.5 years at Vortex have allowed the company a servicing edge as demanded by our clients. Executing complex, 3 axis camera moves as the drone flys at speed is where Owen is most at home and it shows in every shot he executes.

David Giannamore

Visual Observer / Chief Technician

The cohesive component that gives the pilot and DP free reign to effectively engage and execute, David manages all flight operation back end duties relating to the safety and consistency of the flight crew. From flight propulsion to landing zone and perimeter safety management, David`s intensive training and on-set experience keep the Vortex crew operating reliably and safely.

Jeremy Patsy

Visual Observer, Lead Technician

A young and energetic asset, Jeremy Patsy possesses the maturity, and reliability of a team member twice his age. Handpicked, trained, and cultivated by Christopher Schuster, Jeremy proves to be an invaluable addition time and time again.

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