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Aerial Mob Vortex Aerial Merger

Aerial MOB & Vortex Aerial Announce Merger

Forming the company Cinema Partners Holdings LLC.

Our creative edge and technical know-how make Vortex Aerial the clear choice for your aerial production goals.

2019 Vortex Aerial Reel

609595234 640
609595234 640

2017 Vortex Aerial Reel

2014 Vortex Aerial Reel

High Definition

Our Aerial Videography packages are fully self-sufficient and do not require production support of any kind.

National Reach

With offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, and New York, Vortex Aerial is well suited to handle any aerial shoot.

Global Clientele

We have a long-standing track record, client list, and referral base that includes fortune 500 companies.

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