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Our flying machines

Though they may all look the same, Vortex Aerial flying machines are vastly different in terms of capability and reliability.
All mission critical components are either reprogrammed or internally modified in house to insure reliability and consistency of operation. From proprietary flight algorithms and circuit topologies to custom motor winds and propulsion system tuning, we know what it takes to make our aerial platforms perform well above current market expectations, and are reminded of this by our clients every time we walk onto the set.

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Our camera systems

Vortex is excited to announce implementation of the new FreeFly MoVI-5, MoVI-10 and MoVI-15 digital 3 axis hot heads. These devices gives us the ability to mount and fly, with remarkable stability, any popular production value camera package currently in existence that weighs 15Lbs or less. Couple this with our new Red Epic 6K dragon sensor carbon fiber camera and full 1080P HDSDI digital down link and you have the very best there is for your production.
Our Octocopters can also fly your productions camera or choose one of our other in house cameras which include, Sony FS100, Sony NEX7 and Panasonic GH3.

aerial imagery

Our communication system

A three way wireless visual and wireless communication scheme keeps the Director/DP, camera head operator, and the rc helicopter and camera pilot all in the same visual and auditory loop.
Each with his/her own wireless monitor (pilot wears a HUD) and hands free wireless head set. This is our time tested acquisition strategy that yields exceptional results in the least amount of time in addition to wired loop through for out bound monitoring of agency or studio personnel.



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