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Melissa Di Meglio: Operations Producer

12 years of internal production experience, a 10 year commercial sUAS veteran, and a licensed 107 sUAS pilot, Melissa has successfully bridged her talents to become the key component to Vortex Aerials service orchestration. From locations and permitting, cameras and equipment, to FAA / sUAS regulations, Melissa possesses the production industry insight combined with limitless sUAS knowledge to forge the stream lined success of each and every production we service.

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Christopher Schuster: aerial director of photography / chief pilot

41 years piloting R/C aircraft, a Private Pilot rating, 107 sUAS licensed, an L600 Director of Photography, and a 10 year commercial sUAS industry veteran, Chris leads Vortex Aerial as one of the most industry mature operators of any company in the entire USA.
A proactive and intuitive problem solver both on set and off with countless hours of stick time and hundreds of Film, Televison, and Commercial Productions.

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David GiANnamore: Visual Observer-Tech

The cohesive component that gives the pilot and DP free reign to effectively engage and execute, David manages all flight operation back end duties relating to the safety and consistency of the flight crew. From flight propulsion to landing zone and perimeter safety management, David`s intensive training and on-set experience keeps the Vortex crew operating reliably and safely.



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