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Aerial Demo Reel 2017

A small sample of our latest work showcasing our newest equipment.




Los Angeles California and beyond.


Vortex X8 Extreme, Vortex Octo Extreme, Alta-6, Alta-8, Red Drgaon, Alexa Mini, cine lenses w/dual motors

finding that perfect shot

Here can be found one of the industries largest selections of high quality rc aerial filming content. A wide and diverse selection of shots filmed on everything from a 6K resolution Dragon Epic down to a GoPro. If there is a shot concept required by your project, it can likely be found here. Vortex Aerial has shot in every conceivable environment. Temperatures from -20F to 118F, Altitudes from sea level up to 15000 feet. Shooting in every environment from tree cover to open ocean. Over canyons to the deserts below sea level. Ultra dry and windy conditions to light precipitation, day or night.



We understand what your production creatives are looking for.
Our camera man and industry DP "Chris Schuster" will listen, understand, and implement your creative vision. With nearly 10 years of on set experience and the ability to effectively communicate with set personnel, solidifies production goals are met time after time.

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