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Aerial Cinematography

Ford Super duty

Watch, "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"


Mac Premo

Director of Photography:

Joseph Aguirre


Big Sky Quarry / Octo Extreme / Alexa Mini / Ultra Prime

Aerial Cinematography Aerial Cinematography

******A Federal mileStone******* FAA PErmentant sUAS Rules

As the first, "Producer Selected" operator via the MPAA for FAA 333 exempted drone integration in the United States. Vortex is elated to be an instrumental part of the now permanent sUAS drone rules for civilian commercial operations in the USA. Since 1995, Vortex Aerial is the oldest and most industry mature of any currently exempted 333 operator in the USA. It is with the utmost gratification that Vortex Aerial can now, along with many others, enjoy the newly released and highly anticipated rules that will govern the implementation of civilian commercial sUAS into the National Air Space over the USA and its territories. A huge congratulations is in order to all at the FAA who worked tirelessly on this ground breaking milestone that will forever change the way commercial civilian drones move about over our home land. This fully justifiable and common sense implementation comes about after more than two years of highly condensed research and real world application as it provides a very clear picture into what "really" goes on in the world of civilian commercial sUAS drone operations all over the USA and the added degree of safety and reliability that they provide for day to day commerce.


Federal Aviation AdministrationMotion Picture Association of America

Vortex Aerial specializes in the capture of aerial cinema via the use of FAA 333 exempted unmanned drone aircraft.

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Our Los Angeles area, Southern California based operation possesses the creative edge and technical know how that makes Vortex Aerial the clear choice for your production goals and we have the long standing track record, "client list", and referral base to prove it!

Having Implemented the Arri Alexa Mini, RED 6K Dragon Carbon Fiber Epic and Panasocnic GH4 4K cameras, as well as all Freefly (MoVI-5, MoVI-10, MoVI-15) digital 3 axis hot heads into our equipment arsenal and coupling it all to our proprietary coaxial quad multi rotor helicopters, "REST ASSURED OF THE HIGHEST PRODUCTION VALUE DRONE SHOOTING PACKAGE IN EXISTENCE TODAY!"

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Payload and connectivity capable, Vortex readily carries the Red Epic (5K and 6K), Phantom Miro, Canon C300/500, 5D MKII/MKIII, Black Magic Cinema and pocket, FS100/700, NEX7/GH3/GH4 camera systems.

Past operations have brought us to places like: Alberta, Vancouver, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Coachella Valley, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Miami, Montana, Moab Utah, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Denver Colorado, Austin Tx, Dallas Tx, Ontario, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, London, Asia, Alaska, and Australia.

Our aerial helicam systems operate over a diverse variety of terrain including hard scape, water, sand, trees, canyons, ravines ect. Limited only by the creatives imagination.


Our Equipment

In House Cameras:

ALEXA MINI w/PL and EF mounts
(anamorphic licensed)

PL lens mount (motion and naked)
EF lens mount (motion and naked)

Panasonic GH4 4K

In House Lens Automation:
Heden Carat Follow Focus

In House Hot Heads:

In House Video Assist:
Nebtek "Flight"
Teradek Bolt Pro 2000
Paralinx Tomahawk

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